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Mar 03, 2005

Open Source CMS Article in EContent Magazine

There is a good article on open source content management systems in the latest (January/February) issue of EContent Magazine. Here are some key points:

  • Frank Gilbane, of the Gilbane Report, is quoted: "If you have a spectrum where you build a CMS yourself on one end and commercial solutions at the other end, open source can sit in the middle." I like this way of describing the role of open source CMS. I think too often the focus is that open source is cheap content management. The real potential of open source is that it provides commodity functionality that can serve as a foundation for building unique solutions.

  • When considering an open source alternative, it is critical to evaluate the strength of the community. This is the engine that will drive the evolution of the software and also a resource to get help in using or extending the software.

  • There is growing interest in open source CMS as more and organizations look at open source as an alternative or complement to commercial technologies.