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Feb 15, 2005

Graffito CMS

I recently started tracking the Graffito project. Graffito is a very early stage open source Java-based CMS project being incubated by the Apache Software Foundation. What interests me the most about Graffito is that it seems to be the answer to a need that I have been hearing a lot recently: a Java-based CMS that integrates into an existing presentation tier.

Graffito is a set of components that can work with different repositories and integrate with other various Java based presentation layers. Graffito provides functionality that people need out of a CMS:

  • A repository abstraction layer which gives a common API to access content (documents, folders, etc.) from a relational database (through OJB), WebDav (such as Slide), or a JCR based repository. Currently, the OJB connector is the only one that has been implemented.

  • Concurrency management so that multiple users do not interfere with each others work.

  • Security

  • Content integration which can integrate content from multiple repositories into one tree

  • Workflow

Graffito is closely tied to and integrates with Jetspeed 2, which is one of the Apache portal projects. I have a feeling that Jetspeed 2 may give Graffito some momentum as Jetspeed 2 users look for a CMS to put content on their portals.

Recently the Graffito project website has been showing lots of change. Broken links are being fixed and a lot of new information is being added. This should be a good project to watch if not participate in.