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Dec 06, 2004

Open Source version of Microsoft Content Management Server

I just heard that Artemis Software is distributing an out-of-the-box integration of Microsoft Content Management Server called MCMS.RAPID that is to be installed on top of MCMS 2002. The interesting thing is that, MCMS.RAPID is an open source project. Read the license here. I was not able to find an announcement on Microsoft's website.

The email announcement that I received made it seem like this was an Open Source CMS. But in reality it is just a set of customizations that provide a higher starting point for an MCMS development project. You still need to purchase the full MCMS product from Microsoft. I have heard criticism of MCMS for being very expensive to license. This set of extensions might reduce the total cost of ownership and make MCMS a more attractive option. Still, as I noted in another post, Microsoft does not seem to be paying much attention to this product so I would carefully consider purchasing it.