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Dec 14, 2004

Drupal v. Plone

There is a good discussion on the Drupal site comparing Plone and Drupal. Many of the contributors have experience with both systems and the general consensus is that Drupal is good to quickly stand up small sites and Plone is better for larger more complicated content management initiatives.

Here is a summary of the comments:

  • Plone is an enterprise-grade CMS that can support complicated workflow and permissioning and high traffic volumes. Drupal is targeted for smaller sites.

  • Drupal's LAMP based architecture is more open than Plone's Zope (all in one application server and database).

  • Python is higher performing and more object oriented, but more difficult to learn than PHP.

  • Plone has fewer but more polished releases than Drupal

  • Drupal's UI is very intuitive and requires little training