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Dec 06, 2004

Content Management Overview

On the last day of the Gilbane conference, Erik Hartman demonstrated his new site Content Management Overview. The initiative is based on CMSML and has information on 92 content management systems. The site will allow vendors to submit information about their product (moderated by Erik's team) and is designed to be used to narrow down the field of products considered in a CMS selection. I think the tool has the potential to be very useful, especially if the vendors and OS projects participate and there is reason to believe they will. Erik said that he frequently is asked by vendors why their product is not included. He showed an email from a Vignette executive as example.

During his presentation, preceding Erik's, Bob Doyle handed over the management of the CMSML repository over to Erik. CMS Review will continue to support the CMS comparison tool using data from Hartman's site.

I would encourage people to use the Content Management Overview site. If you disagree with any product claims, you can add comments directly on the site.